Daorungchujaroen promotions 14-7-2011

Nungkongjiam Kiatsombat vs Jompet Chuwattana
This fight is for the vacant WBC Muaythai Mini-flyweight title. In the opening round both fighters just go through the motions. In round 2 both fighters start to take the fight into the clinch and an intense battle starts to see who an take control. Both fire in some solid elbows into the mix. The fight moves back into the clinch in round 3 and although Nungkongjiam looks the shorter of the two, he starts to take over with some solid locks around the neck of Jompet. Jompet doesn't manage to get off with much, but lands a solid kick towards the end of the round. Nungkongjiam looks in total control of the fight in the 4th as he pulls Jompet around in the clinch and lands with solid knees. Jompet manages to land a few solid kicks, but nothing that troubles Nungkongjiam. Jompet comes out punching at the start of the final round, but nothing bothers Nungkongjiam and he takes the title at the bell.

Sirimongkol PK Stereo vs Khaimukdam Chuwattana
Both fighters go through the motions in the opening round. In round 2 Khaimukdam starts to push forward a little. and opens up with some sharp punches. Sirimongkol fires in some sharp counters from behind a tight guard and turns Khaimukdam off balance a few times. In round 3 both start to test each other out with fast bodykicks and counters, in tit for tat exchanges. Khaimukdam is the aggressor, but Sirimongkol looks slightly the sharper of the two. The exchanges are fast and furious in the 4th. Again Khaimukdam is the aggressor and again Sirimongkol comes back with some razor sharp counters and clever spins. Khaimukdam's shots are the more effective though and Sirimongkol is offered an 80,000 baht win bonus to spur him on for the last round. Sirimongkol comes forward for the first time in the final round and looks to try and lock up Khaimukdam in the clinch and work in some hard knees. Khaimukdam is too strong though and pulls further ahead with some solid knees of his own. Sirimongkol switches to punching, but can't land anything clean and Khaimukdam takes the points decision.

Kongsiam Tor Pitakchai vs Mongkolchai Petsuphapaan
There is a slow start to the fight in round 1. Mongkolchai starts to push forward a little in round 2 and opens up with some solid punches. Kongsiam stays in a shell on the ropes and fires back some sharp counter bodykicks and pushkicks. Mongkolchai keeps pushing forward in the 3rd and at first opens up with more sharp punches. Mongkolchai fires in a fast high kick and follow up punches that look like they stun Kongsiam, but he clears his head and comes back with some heavy bodykicks. The fight starts close in round 4 Mongkolchai pushes forward relentlessly though and soon starts to dominate with some strong clinching and hard knees. Kongsiam tries to keep him off with some more fast kicks, but is soon getting turned around with ease and Mongkolchai gets a strong grip around his neck, pulls his head down and drives in more hard knees. Kongsiam looks spent and a hard pushkick from Mongkolchai sends him down to the canvas where he is counted out.

Jomthong Chuwattana vs Petek Ekbangsai
The main event sees the Vacant WBC Muaythai Super-featherweight title up for grabs. Jomthong has to give Petek a two pound weight advantage. There isn't too much action in the opening round. Jomthong pushes forward a little and opens up with some strong punches. Petek just soaks up the early pressure. Jomthong starts to open up with a few solid left kicks at the start of the 2nd round. Petek still looks like he is saving himself for the later rounds, but opens up with a fierce straight punch towards the end of the round. Petek comes forward throughout the 3rd and fires in some hard straight punches to the body and looks to open up with hard knees now. Jomthong stays composed though and uses his height to control the clinch, firing back at Petek with hard, long knees and some sharp kicks on the outside. Petek comes forward again throughout the 4th, coming from behind some solid punches and taking the fight into the clinch. Jomthong looks in control throughout though and fires in more hard stabbing knees and towards the end of the round some more hard, left bodykicks. Petek still comes forward in the final round, but Jomthong is just too big and in control throughout and takes the belt at the end.

Special Report by ROB COX

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